Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan



Availability ended 9/30/2021 CDT
In Pakistan, an American expatriot and his Filipina wife have led the development of education opportunities for deaf children and young adults for over 20 years. They began with nothing more than a dream and now have educated more than 5,000 deaf students; established Deaf Reach schools in 8 different cities; and have current enrollment over 1,200. “Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan,” a documentary short film, tells their story and highlights some of their students, parents, graduates, and staff. The film also spotlights recent achievements in international collaboration and higher education.


Directed by John E. Quatroche II

Produced by John E. Quatroche II

Cast Richard Geary
Heidi Geary
Jeffery Bravin
Rabia Aslam

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