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HOPE is 17 years old, she's enjoying partying and is planning for the next stage of her studies with her best friend NAOMI. She lives at home with her loving but over-protective mother, ROSE, has a classic competitive sibling relationship with her older brother HARLEY and although he’s a workaholic she knows her dad ROGER loves her very much. Life is good, apart from the odd painful twinge in her tummy which until the call from the consultant came she’d assumed was nothing serious. When she is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has to undergo chemotherapy, Hope struggles with side effects which not only result in her loss of hair but also a loss of self–confidence and causes her to push away those closest to her. However, as the treatment cycles continues Hope recognizes that she needs to open up about her illness and find a way to be herself again and start planning for her future, after all Ibiza calls and those university applications won’t write themselves. As she turns 18 she reinvents her look and celebrates in style but the test of her maturity comes back in the consultation room when she is told that her condition is terminal. And then the time has come for her to plan once again as she shares her funeral wishes with dad and secretly signs goodbye messages for mum to find, to leave family and friends with a legacy of hope.


Directed by David Ellington

Written by Lynn Stewart-Taylor

Production Company BSL Zone

Produced by Rachel Drummond-Hay

Cast Julia Wejnar

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