With capital D



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A deaf person is a person who does not hear. There seems to be nothing else to know about deafness, but it isn't. In a world fit for the hearing, deaf people are faced with communication problems every day: from access to information and culture, to education and training. For over two thousand years and until the second post-war period, Italy’s deaf people could not enter into marriage, inherit, or have any kind of possession. The history of the deaf is unknown to most. It is the story of a community united by a language (that of signs), by a culture and an identity. The Deaf one, with a capital D.


Directed by Inmediazione

Written by Marco Spanu
Maria Paola Casula
Roberto Farace
Daniela Casula

Production Company Inmediazione

Produced by Inmediazione

Cast Franco Olla
Alessandra Mura
Silvia Usai
Vito Erriu

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